Ways to Tone Your Body in the Swimming Pool

Swimming is often seen more as a means of relaxation rather than a training session because people enjoy a slow and relaxing swim when they feel tired or when hey want to have fun and not when they want to tone their body. However, you must know that swimming, like any other sport, can help you shape your body, get rid of excess fat, and tone your muscles. To convince you of this, here are some ways to tone your body in your own home swimming pool.

Do some push ups in the pool

Your swimming pool is not only for swimming and you can try many other types of exercises like the step push ups that are harder to perform with the resistance of the water. Start in the shallow end of the pool with your feet on the pool floor and the hands on the top step and slowly lower your body into the water without getting your face wet. The water will give resistance as you lower your body so the strength required is bigger than in regular push ups.

Pool lunges tone more than just your legs

You know that lunges are great for toning your legs but if you do them in the pool, you will engage many of your body muscles. Stand on the pool floor with water just above your waistline and slowly lower your body until your knee reaches the pool bottom and without getting your head underwater. As you will force to break the water, your core muscles will be engaged in the movement and you will struggle to maintain your balance surrounded by water that is pulling you to the sides.

Underwater squats

This pool exercise will get you a little wet, but that is the fun part in training in the swimming pool. Stand in the pool and squat until your knees touch your rib cage then jump out of the water until your feet no longer touch the bottom. The squats will be more challenging as you will contract more to fight the water resistance and when you jump and try to maintain balance, you strain many muscles in the upper and lower body area.

Tone your arms and legs with poolside raises

For this exercise, you need to stand on the poolside with your legs in the water and your forearms leaning on the pool edge. Lower your body into the water without detaching your forearms off the pool edge, point your legs to the front to create a 90-degree angle with your body and raise your legs out of the water. Again, the water resistance will make the exercise more difficult as your arms will struggle to support your entire body weight.