The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Yoga Exercises

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you surely know about performing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. Actually, what can be more relaxing than practicing yoga on a paddle board while floating on water? However, before you start practicing yoga on a paddle board, you need to find out more about the best stand up paddle boards for yoga exercises.

Naish Mana Air

The Naish Mana Air is one of the best paddle boards for doing yoga on the water. It is a high-quality board and it shines as a platform when you do yoga on. Most yogis choose to perform on this paddle board because it is very stable and durable. Moreover, the Mana board comes with a 34” wide-style design which is just perfect for beginners. The paddle board also has a lot of features including a progressive rocker which provides maneuverability and performance in the flat water.

BIC Sport Sup

The BIC Sport stand up paddle board features a deck which is extremely comfortable, soft and ideal for a little afternoon yoga. Due to a full 6” Thick Drop-Stitch construction, the BIC Sup is a durable and rigid board. Moreover, it is an inflatable paddle board which will make it easier to transport. Besides a dual action pump and a carry bag, this paddleboard also has a carry handle, removable center fin, and a deck rigging. However, if you are looking for a portable and lightweight board you should buy the BIC Sup which is also a great choice for flatwater and small wave surfing.

Lotus YSUP

When it comes to paddle boards, you can choose the Lotus YSUP which is a perfect board for yoga on the water. If you want a huge surface with large traction foam area for improved grip and comfort, you should choose this type of board because will provide stability and superior durability. Moreover, the Lotus board comes with a removable shoulder carry strap which removes the need for a bulky carry handle in the middle of the board. Most people prefer this type of paddle boarding for yoga exercises because it provides them with a maximum comfort.