Trinity Sports Camp - Trinity Educational Classes

**Important Date Change, the Class has been moved to Tuesdays beginning May 29th.**

Utilizing his 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Scott Olson is excited to share his knowledge that has enabled Trinity Sports to become one of the most innovative training systems in the metro area.

This 6 week series of classes is designed for the client and trainer alike. If you are currently working in the fitness industry and would like to learn the techniques behind making your clients’ results reach levels they never thought possible, this is the class for you. If you are someone who is interested in taking personal responsibility for your own physical health, this class can show you how to do just that.

Included in our entry level class:

Working knowledge of the 4 Laws 
The Trinity philosophy is comprised of 4 Laws and understanding these 4 Laws will provide a completely new perspective on how to train the human body that will redefine how you look at fitness training.
Ability to apply the 4 Laws to positively impact/improve any current training system
Gain an understanding of how to elevate a training program, regardless of your current
fitness level.
Ability to create sound warm-up routines to fit any scenario
There is nothing more underused in the fitness industry than a proper warm-up. Trinity will define how to utilize our unique warm-up system to drastically enhance your fitness programs.
Ability to design unique and effective weight training programs for any body type
Many weight lifting models have proven to lead to poor muscular efficiency and limited mobility. Utilizing Trinity’s model you will learn how to make strength training routines capable of helping anyone train at their appropriate level and achieve unmatched results.
Ability to modify an individual’s workout regimen to help alleviate pain and injury
Take your training farther than you thought possible by learning how the Trinity system can help alleviate common pain symptoms and injuries associated with traditional training models.
Classes begin May 29th
Class size limited to 12 to maximize the learning process. Contact Scott today if interested in being a part of our first educational course.