How a Paddle Board Helps You Tone Your Body

Stand up paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports. By performing paddle boarding you will be able to obtain some great exercises. Moreover, in the following lines, we will teach you more about how a paddle board helps you tone your body.

Paddle boarding works your muscles

When you are performing paddle boarding, almost every muscle in your body receives different tasks. Stand up paddle boarding requires a proper balance, so your leg muscles will work hard because they must stabilize your gravity center . Additionally, your arms, shoulders, and back should be used to propel the paddle board in the water. Moreover, when it comes to balance, your back and abdominal muscles constantly work to maintain it. On the other hand, paddle boarding is a low impact exercise, so you will not damage your tendons or ligaments of your joints.

Paddle boarding is the ideal cardio workout

If you are thinking about performing an intense cardio working, you should try paddle boarding, which is a good cardio exercise. It improves endurance and it is useful in rehabilitation injuries. Most cardio enthusiasts choose to perform this water sport because it is a good way to burn calories. In fact, paddle boarding helps you burn calories and provide you with a toned body. Moreover, if you want to burn calories faster, you can add in your workout fast and slow moments which will increase the intensity. However, there are various exercises which can be done on a paddleboard, including sup up and overs, donkey calf raises, sup leg raises, paddle board crunches and more.

Each one of this exercise provides a lot of benefits. For example, sup up and overs are some great exercises for toning your body and getting your heart rate up. This type of exercise is actually a race about how quickly you get back on the board and down into the water. The donkey calf raises are some simultaneous stretches you can do on the paddle board. Additionally, the SUP leg raises are some great exercises which will work your arms and abs. In fact, these leg raises are good for toning your abs. Finally, the paddle board crunches help increase your core muscle mass.