Different Ways of Using a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is avoided by some people due to the fact that they consider this fitness equipment as being boring. But the truth is that no matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, or tone your muscles, you must work out on the rowing machine because it offers amazing results. If you want to benefit from using this fitness equipment, but you want to spice up your workouts on it as well, you must continue to read our article. Here you will find out some great, different ways in which you can use the rowing machine.

Wear weighted clothing while using the rowing machine to build muscles faster

Weighted clothing like ankle weights, weighted vests, weighted gloves, and many others can be worn while using the rowing machine to make the workout session more interesting and challenging. The weighted clothing pieces that you will wear while rowing will increase the difficulty of the exercise routine considerably. This will lead to fast and excellent results for those who want to build muscle mass. Also, it’s great for those who want to lose weight because they will sweat more and their bodies will look great when they lose the extra pounds.

Practice HIIT rowing workouts to tone and sculpt your body fast

High-intensity interval training is great no matter what your goals are. When you practice HIIT with the rowing machine, you will look better than ever, having a toned and perfectly sculpted body in no time.

In the first interval of the workout session, row at a moderate pace for 1 minute. Afterward, do 5 power pulls on the rowing machine, followed by 5 isolated pulls with your arms. Next, perform another 10 power pulls, and 10 isolated pulls with your arms. At the end of the first interval, do 5 minutes of pulls at a moderate rate.

In the second interval, do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each of the following exercises: push-ups, triceps dips, walkouts to plank, bent-over rows, and side planks with crunch. Doing them will help sculpt your body in a harmonious way. When you complete these exercises, take a 1-minute break to recover.

In the third and final stage of the HIIT rowing workout, you will combine rowing with sculpting exercises. First, row for 100 meters, after which perform 45 seconds of push-ups. Next, row for 200 meters, followed by 45 seconds of planking. After that, row for 300 meters, and do 45 seconds of triceps dips. Row for 200 meters and do 45 seconds of planking. Last but not least, row for 100 meters, and do 45 seconds of push-ups.