5 Exercises to Tone Your Legs

Exercising is the key to an improved health condition and is the best way to maintain a toned and slim body. Along with the exercises you perform for your arms and core muscles, you also need to include some exercises that target your legs, like the following examples that will help you get toned legs.

The stepper

One of the most popular legs exercises that target the glutes, the thighs and the calves, includes a stepper that not only engages your leg muscles but also improves your balance. While using the stepper, you mimic a walking movement that contracts your leg muscles from top to bottom and increases your strength. The best type of stepper is the small one with no handles but if you have one with handles and a motor, you can make it more efficient by not holding the handles.

Barbell squats

Without a doubt, barbell squats can improve the aspect of your legs and can help you tone your leg muscles in a way that no other exercise can. Squats target your buttocks, hips, and calves and are excellent for developing leg muscles and improving balance and concentration. Adding a barbell puts more pressure on your legs due to the increased weight that your legs need to hold.

Calf raises

If you want to get sculpted and toned calves, try the calf raises and watch as your leg muscles will become more defined. This exercise involves raising your body until your entire weight is supported on the tips of your toes. To make the exercise more difficult, stand on a tall surface like a bench and keep the heels on the edge so when you will lower your body, you will maintain the leg muscles contracted as your foot will not be supported by the ground.

Weighted lunges

Along with squats, lunges are the next top exercise when it comes to toning the legs because they involve most of the lower body muscles into the bending movement. To increase the complexity of the exercise and to maximize its benefits, trainers recommend adding a weight that you will carry above your head to make the lunge more challenging. Struggling to maintain balance and to keep your back straight will engage your leg muscles to the fullest.

Leg weights

To get the best of your leg exercises, consider using leg weights that put more strain on your legs with the added weight. Whether you wear them while jogging or you integrate them to your stepper exercises, leg weights can offer you faster results in toning your legs. You can choose from a variety of weights for your highest comfort.